Choosing the correct Valtrex dose

Valtrex is a prescription drug that is used to treat medical conditions associated with herpes virus. The medicine is used by doctors to treat conditions such as shingles, old sores, genital herpes, and chicken pox.

The mode of action of the drug is to prevent viral multiplication therefore curbing spread of the infection. It is considered safe for consumption for both children and adults; however, it requires doctor’s prescription.

It is recommended that for children they should be at least twelve years of age. The most active ingredient is valaciclovir hydrochloride a major component which helps the body to develop mechanism and counter the virus.

When a person is infected with the virus it stays at the nerve endings in an inactive form, Valtrex uses a capsulation mechanism, which prevents the virus from becoming active or multiplying.

The drug is so effective that patients can buy Valtrex online with prescription to cure their ailments.

Valtrex is available in 500 mg and 1000mg doses and in tablet form.

Valtrex is a multipurpose drug that treats herpes in adults, prevents spread of the condition, prevents shingle development, and treats cold sores in both children and adults.

However, as per doctor’s advice Valtrex should not be consumed if the patient has allergies to the active components of the drug, if the immune system is weak, if they are on dialysis or have kidney problems, undergoing operation or suffering from HIV.

In cases where the patients have the above conditions then the doctor will prescribe another drug that will be effective or alter the dosage.

Doctors carry out tests on patients who want to buy Valtrex online with prescription, because it is recommended that patients should not take the drug without prescription.

Since the drug has a high renal and body clearance mothers nursing infants should not take because it may be excreted via the breast milk and cause harm to the infant.

Patient taking Valtrex should report to the doctor immediately if the following symptoms occur after taking the drug, these include

  • fever,
  • vomiting,
  • weakness,
  • red spots on the skin,
  • unexplained bleeding,
  • fainting,
  • bloody diarrhea,
  • less urination among other adverse symptoms.

There are basic yardsticks in dosage of the drug, it mostly depends on the type of medical condition the patient is suffering from, age, weight, and other medicines you are taking among others.

The doctor will use the above factors to determine the kind of dose that will be effective to your condition. As indicated earlier Valtrex comes in two dosage 500mg and 1g, it is recommended that the patient take Valtrex as soon as they spot occurrence of herpes.

The drug will work effectively in preventing viral multiplication and curb the condition.

When taking the drug it is not necessary to take it with food even when you have not taken a meal you can take any time so long as the medical schedule is maintained.

In most cases, the drug does not cause adverse side effects, however it is vital to follow doctor’s prescriptions for the drug to work effectively.