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Valaciclovir is the most effective herpes treatment out there, and here is why.

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Very often we get curious about how exactly does each and every medication work, how does it help our body to fight off or prevent viruses from such as Herpes from causing outbreaks?

The answer is very simple. Like any other medicine, Valtrex’s success and effect is down to its active ingredients.

In Valtrex’s case, it’s aciclovir (an anti-viral you can buy in stores, mostly as a cream applied directly to the sores).

Aciclovir is used against the most common viruses to humanity, the different variations of Herpes such as Herpes Zoster, Herpes Simplex and Herpes Genitalis.

Usually, if you have either or a different variation of Herpes you will be directed to Valtrex in order to prevent further outbreaks, make the existing outbreaks less painful and have them last less as well.

In cases of Genital Herpes, Valtrex (when used daily) will decrease significantly the probability of transmitting to your sexual partner, meaning they do not get infected and same goes for different variations of herpes as it may be transmitted to your partners.

How does Valtrex work against the virus is by preventing the viruses from multiplying in your body.

This ends up reducing the severity of the infection and closing the possibility of it spreading out elsewhere. It does not kill the virus unfortunately, but it stops its growth which is fantastic.

It also prevents some viral infections from occurring.

Besides treating herpes, Valtrex is also used to prevent specifically kidney related viruses.

If a person had a kidney transplant it is very common for them to get Valtrex prescribed as after a transplant a person is under the risk of getting an infection called Cytomegalorirus.

All in all, it’s a great and safe medication which has many benefits as it holds down the disease and has been used frequently both for short and long term for many people around the world and is loved by many.

It’s not less effective if you take it short term or long term, as it is made to cater for everyone’s needs and of course it varies from each person and how long should they be drinking the medication.

Do not hesitate to follow the guidance you are given or have chosen as everything will be just as effective and you will have the desired results on time!