Valtrex for herpes

Many medications work better if we take them daily as a routine. Just like we take one vitamin pill a day to make everything better, Valtrex falls under this group in certain cases.

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So are you wondering about Valtrex for herpes?

Genital herpes isn’t a very scary condition, but it’s still something a person who has it should be very well aware of, and they should also think of their protection and sex life.

Herpes is so easily transmitted that most of the world’s population actually has different variations of it.

By taking Valtrex every day, you are preventing the outbreaks from happening, make them less painful and let’s not forget the most important: it makes them shorter.

Valtrex unfortunately does not cure herpes, but it cushions the virus so well that it goes barely noticed.

One of the uncomfortable things about having genital herpes is that it’s an STI, meaning that you may transfer it to your partner.

Even if you wear a condom or another form of protection, it does not cover all areas, so it is very possible for your partner to get the virus as well unfortunately, meaning we need to be more careful and thinking of your partner.

It is very likely that since you will have a long relationship that the partner will get affected as well, but that in no means indicates that you should be reckless.

Use all your chances and make sure that the STI does not spread. When it comes to sex, please restrain yourself from sexual contacts during an outbreak as it is when you are most likely to infect your partner.

But even when you are displaying no symptoms you are still likely to pass on the virus.

When it comes to STIs please do not forget that you have to tell your partner that you have an STI as in many countries they may sue you and ethically it is more correct that you state it, as frankly you don’t want to end up sitting with a phone calling previous sexual partners around.

Valtrex for herpes greatly decreases the chances of infecting your partner or partners, so no matter how often you sleep with one person or a few, they all have a chance of getting it and you should be caring, just like people use protection, Valtrex becomes also a protection as you want to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible.

Unfortunately since the risk remains, your partner may get it as there is still a possibility, but just make sure that all parties are aware and explain that it is nothing scary and you are doing all the protection means you can.