Valtrex Precautions

Valtrex is a medication and in particular it is an antiviral drug. This medication can be prescribed for the people who have such infections, like including shingles, genital herpes, cold sores and chickenpox.

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The dosage of this medication is prescribed based on different factors. You should only get a consultation from your healthcare provider about the dosage of this medication that you should be using.

It is important to understand that if you use this medication, it will not destroy herpes virus in your body fully, but it will help your body to lessen the infection by lessen its symptoms.

If you have the symptoms like burning, tingling, blisters, etc., the chances are you have a herpes infection. In order to use this medication effectively, it is recommended to start taking it right after the symptoms of the infection are experienced.

As any other medication, Valtrex can bring negative consequences if used incorrectly. If you are prescribed with some dosage of this medication, you should not change it by yourself.

If you take some medications, you should also tell your healthcare provider about this.

There are in total twenty six medications that should not be used along with Valtrex and you should consider this.

Also, if you have a kidney disease, weak immune system, and HIV/AIDS, tell your healthcare provider about this.

Generally, you should provider your healthcare provider with any information related to your health.

If you happen to experience side effects after the use of Valtrex, it is recommended to inform your healthcare provider about that.

You may have moderate side effects, including

  • dizziness,
  • headache,
  • stomach pain,
  • vomiting,
  • nausea
  • and other that are not that bad.

But, there is also a chance to have severe side effects, including

  • joint pain,
  • lower back pain,
  • painful menstrual periods,
  • pale skin,
  • seizures,
  • severe abdominal pain,
  • severe
  • or persistent headache and others.

If you have severe side effects, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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